Webmasta Dove!!

I'm gonna be honest, I also kinda made this thing out of jealousy. Mostly because I used to rely on carrd cuz I'm a stupid baby Gen Z idiot who should be doing homework googoogaga. Ok it was mainly because I'm not great at coding but still. I guess I just ran into too many "ooo back in my day..." "ahh simpler times" "kids these days..." esque posts and I guess I felt kinda. guilty? I remember had a bookmarks tab on sites I thought looked cool. And I recently went through it again out of boredom and found some really cool sites that I don't remember how I found them. I just found that they used neocities. I kinda sorta learned html but I mainly relied on other people's layouts and made this!

It's p hard to describe myself because I don't want to come off as 'bragging' and I don't want to end up to be a liar/hypocrite bu sure I'll try. I guess a some people who know me irl would cal me "chill" but I kinda doubt that. I said some for a reason. Yea most of the time I guess I'm like that but I do tend to be a huge asshole out of nowhere sometimes. Idk why but I guess I'm 'trying' to do better.I'm p bad at being socialbecause I don't really know how to approach people without coming off weird or stuttering or smth. It gets particulary out of hadn when I say something and they're like "what was that"? I also tend to spend waaaaay to much itme on the computer but for whatever reason I whine about not having enough time on the computer. aka im a lazy piece of shit. I mean at least I have this thing to work on so I gueeeeess its not compleeeetleeey dumb lazy bullshit. Honestly I'm probably even worse than what I just described but oh well.Hopefully in a fe months I can re-edit this and stuff.It may or may not because I was diagnosed with autism (and maybe adhd as well) Ugh wow look a tall those typos and mistakes I made that I refuse to clean up for whatever reason fuck fuck fuckf ufkc fuck fuck fuc kfuckfu uc.

I'd say I have kind of a problem with accepting the fact that two very diferent opinions are valid and hold the same weight. Normally in the way of "shit I like/dislike this thing, but random interenet person doesn't! aw I'm a failure" "Awe geez, one person thought this thing isn't funni, but I disagree! Awe man I'm so stupid" I often feel the need to have a certain opinion on someting because some rando said it and I feel like I would be like a dumb dummy if it was different. I'm also really bad at properly understanding/interpreting certain things. Actually not just certain things, it's a lot of things. Actually maybe most things. Like it might take a while, maybe some screaming or petty fighting over nothing, for me to properly understand what someone said. ANd I also hate really long explanations that add a bunch of seemingly unnecessary words. Even though im probaby doing that right now.

I am also very bad at interpreting things. Someone could say some harmless shit and I will probably be offended for no reason. Funnily enough its better ont the interet since i can look at the words typed out multiple times and come to a conclusion on what they really mean.

I dont like it when ppl are like "oh yeah haha im rly mean on the internet but im rly nice irl lol" because I'm practically the opposite lol

Ugh finally I got that out of the way, I can talk about some fun stuff!

Yea hi. I'm into stuff like pokemon, art stuff, video essays, jackbox, danganronpa, adult animation (even tho I'm not old enough for it lol sry), lost media, warioware, flipline, breakcore music, I'll probs add more later. I know I said earlier I made this site out of jealousy but it's surprisingly kinda fun, even if the site isn't amazing looking like others.

Hopefully I can make some new friends here! I don't have a chtbox yet and I will link some other sites I'm on. But just so you know I am NOT on twitter. And probably won't be for a million years. Probably

Dove or Drifty!/they/he/
still in HS/idk what else man